And so it begins…

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Correction-the journey began 1081 days ago with an audition in Pavia – Italy. Audition panel for the new opera “Camille Claudel” was looking for a young dramatic soprano with a stable high C (check), slender posture (check), good acting skills (check), who was able and willing to scream convincingly (???)

I was intrigued and auditioned for the friendliest panel of one (composer himself) with the by far worst accompanist I have ever had the misfortune to sing with. I honestly thought it was a test…can I keep in tune and hold my own while he (the accompanist) follows the sound of his own drum?

Long story short I got the job! My first world premiere. First I fell in love with the music and, soon after, its maker – Gianmaria Griglio. Both came easy…as easy as taking the breath. The rest of the production was … taking a lot of deep breaths.

My mind was set on bringing the production home with me. I wasn’t sure how to go about it but I was determined to find the right way. For the good part of the past 800 days my focus remained on it. Many meetings, great advice, deep conversations, plans made and plans changed; countless hours behind computer – ARTax begins its journey. It is in every way a reflection of its creators Gianmaria Griglio and me. Energetic, creative, determined and, most of all, passionate.

Our eternal gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far and an invitation to you all to join in on the adventure that is just beginning.

I promise you an unforgettable and unique experience!

Cover photo by Ornella Tiberi

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